I’m a girl. I’m 29 30 33! I haven’t had sex yet. Crazy huh?!

There’s a common misconception out there that in order to get a guy you must have sex. False. This is only true if you are desiring a man that is looking for sex. But there are so many other guys out there that are looking for more. This is my journey toward love, growth, and becoming the woman God called me to be. Through my life lessons, I hope to inspire others and influence our culture into realizing that high morals and standards are something to be valued and guarded. If my stories of open honesty, humorous adventures, and broken hearts changes just one life, then my work here is done. You can also find out more about the title of my blog here: Why the virgin heartbreaker?

Suggestions for topics are welcomed and I will do my best to address them:)

*While many of the stories shared are based on true stories, names and details may be altered to protect the identity of those involved.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I like the topics you cover! You’re an interesting writer! I’ll follow you!

    If you don’t mind, I would love for you to look at my blog. whatiliketodobysteve.wordpress.com

    Thank you!



  2. Awesome, love the blog! This quote below from Jim Elliot really resonated with me while I read your stuff. Hope you enjoy it. God bless.

    “No one warns young people to follow Adam’s example. He waited till God saw his need. Then God made Adam sleep, prepared for his mate, and brought her to him. We need more of this ‘being asleep’ in the will of God. Then we can receive what He brings us in His own time, if at all. Instead we are set as bloodhounds after a partner, considering everyone we see until our minds are so concerned with the sex problem that we can talk of nothing else when bull-session time comes around. It is true that a fellow cannot ignore women — but he can think of them as he ought — as sisters, not as sparring partners!”


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