So here we go…

Well this is exciting! I’m sitting in Atlanta right now attending a conference for school. I presented yesterday morning so my stress level has subsided, for now at least;-) I’m attending a blog conference tomorrow and it’s like get writing or… well, don’t. The pressure is on! Since I’m such a perfectionist, this post will be my hardest. What are you supposed to even write about for your first post?! I’ve been working on the back end of my blog for probably a year now; my ideas, however, for at least ten years. I have such a passion for people and relationships. I love to write. I love to counsel. And I love to give my two cents for what it’s worth. I’m always giving my opinion to anyone who will listen anyway, so why not expand my audience, right?!

My plans for the blog are rather simple- I’m blogging about my crazy, exciting, and unique life. My goal? To inspire others to live and push the boundaries of the social norms. We live in a society where it seems as though having high morals, values, and standards are almost frowned upon. Not really, I mean no one will say it to your face but you can tell. You’re different. You are not doing things like everyone else.

My blog name is simple. You can be a virgin and still have relationships. Shocking, right? I don’t buy into the whole “try it before you buy it” mentality and as you get to know me, hopefully you’ll see why. Choosing to remain a virgin when I was in my early teens was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Making tough choices, though hard, will bring some of the most rewarding experiences to your life.

This is a work in progress so hang on as we make this exciting journey together. So here we go!

-the virgin heartbreaker



4 thoughts on “So here we go…

  1. I applaud your writing and your commitment. I know there are so many things that have improved over the years but the new age of infidelity is not one of them. Sleeping around is not good for ones soul. I am married man and older, but I wish in my heart that I had never slept with anyone but my wife. Love is so much more than sex.
    We want things right now, our way. The world tells us well you need to do it to get good at it. It is all hogwash.

    Oh how is wish I would have taken the time. And knew at first it would be not so good, but so what, we would have our lives to work on it together. To be the best and worst partner that the other had ever had. To follow Gods design.

    I love my wife. And I’m not putting what we have down… It’s awesome. But there is something better. Something worth waiting for.


    • Thank you so much for sharing:) I appreciate your honesty and openness. I think we all can look back and regret certain things. But what oftentimes amazes me is how much God can still turn our mistakes into beautiful life lessons that not only help others but help us to grow more. I think at the end of the day, that is what it is all about- how much more were we able to love, to grow, and to learn more than we did yesterday.


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